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What is bonded storage
Bonded storage refers to the storage of bonded goods in a bonded warehouse approved by the customs. Bonded goods are mainly the goods that need to be transported out of the country after temporary entry, or the import goods that the customs have approved to suspend duty. Bonded storage is under the direct regulatory of the customs. Although the goods are entrusted by the depositor, the warehouser is responsible for the customs, and the entry or exit documents need to be signed by the Customs. Bonded warehousing is generally operated near the entry and exit ports.
Bonded services
Commodity record, warehouse rental, loading and unloading handling, warehousing declaration, inspection, warehousing inspection, tally and inspection, express sorting.

Process of goods into and out of warehouse:
A total of three steps and seven links needs to be done from the goods get into and out of the bonded warehouse.
Three steps:
First: Apply for the customs declaration and inspection form
Second: The goods enter the tallying area of the reservoir area, check the goods, deal with the verification of information
Third: The warehouse operators transport the goods to the storage area and maintain the data into the company's WMS.
Seven links:
First, the goods should be counted and identified after warehousing. It is to differentiate the different commodities, open the packaging, verify the bar code of the goods, and whether the packaging is dirty, damaged or deformed.
Second, put the goods in different places for storage. Generally, they are placed according to different article numbers or bar codes for quick identification.
Third, when an order comes in, it needs to go to the designated warehouse to sort out the required goods and deliver them to the packaging area.
Fourth, take out the corresponding specifications of packaging materials, put the corresponding goods in accordance with the order into the packing box, and then use tape to seal the box.
Fifth, paste the printed express delivery sheet to the corresponding carton.
Sixth, release the package. If there are packages that needs to be inspected, the packages will be taken to the inspection office of the regulatory authority for inspection.
Seventh, after the release is completed, the package will be handed over for distribution.
Our bonded warehouse advantages:
1. Time cost: if the declaration materials are sent in advance, there is no time limit, and the entry and exit can be completed immediately, saving time cost and other additional costs incurred if the declaration cannot be completed on the same day.
2. Flexible, save a lot of time cost and port car fees.
3. Simple processing in Bonded area, including changing boxes, labeling, classification, disassembly and sorting, subpackage, and collective packing.
4. one product drop shipping