BAHE International Cross-border Direct Mail Service or Two-stage Journey Delivery Services
Help you get the one product distribution service even if you are in the foreign countries.
Service Introduction
BAHE International Overseas Warehouse Direct Mail Service
Cross-border e-commerce sellers prepare goods to BAHE International's warehouses in Seoul and Incheon, and we can deliver one product on behalf of the clients and shorten the delivery time and distance by using the multiple warehouses in one country and by combining with intelligent warehouse technology. We can also deliver goods to other self-built platforms such as, among others, Amazon, Ebay and Wish and to the major platforms of the South Korean goods importer and exporter countries, etc.
Our developed self-operated transportation lines:
South Korea to China C2C (sea transport), South Korea to China C2C (air transport), South Korea to China B2C (air transport), South Korea to Malaysia B2C (air transport), South Korea to Taiwan B2C (air transport), China to South Korea B2C (sea transport), China to South Korea B2C (air transport), Hong Kong to China B2C, Hong Kong to China (C2C) and other lines to deliver goods by using EMS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, USPS and other international express.

BAHE International Overseas Warehouse Provides Two-stage Journey Delivery Services
BAHE International overseas warehouse will provide the "the last one kilometer" transportation service to the e-commerce clients in South Korea. BAHE has a close collaboration with EMS, Hanjin, LOGEN, CJ and other Top Ten Korean truck companies and express companies. BAHE International has lots of its own trucks in its Korean warehouse, its delivery scope covers Seoul, and it is able to provide two-stage journey delivery service for transferring large and small goods, and ensure the distribution effectiveness of the last one kilometer.