Service support
Payment service; Procurement service; Transfer; Return and exchange services
Payment service; Procurement service; Transfer; Return and exchange services
1. Payment Service
Enjoy the great procurement service.  From now on.
BAHE International “South Korea Easy Purchase” promises a “0” service charge in the procurement service and ensures all products purchased are at the original price.
BAHE International procurement service; South Korea Easy Purchase; Do the best in all effort; Transshipment/ procurement service
Many people favor the South Korean fashion goods, especially South Korean fashion avant-garde clothes. However, there are also some people who cannot go to the South Korea to enjoy the shopping time in person due to the lack of time, so the purchasing task is transferred to the procurement. BAHE International will soon start the website and provide the payment and procurement service. Through BAHE International shopping agency, you can easily buy goods from various major Websites in South Korea, including personal and other websites, and ship them overseas, so that the global customers can easily enjoy the fun of shopping in South Korea. We have been committed to our international shopping commitment: easy to buy, free to buy, cheap to buy, safe to buy.
Total procurement cost = commodity price  local freight in South Korea + international freight (packaging fee) + zero service charge

2. Act as purchasing agency
All products procurement services in South Korea, including offline stores, duty free shops, Dongdaemun, and other individual sellers, are charged 5% for purchasing products when the procurement is offline.
There is no procurement fee when buying goods from all Websites in South Korea.
3. Transshipment
All the goods ordered online or wholesale market can provide you with an address to collect goods.
4.Return and Exchange
BAHE International can provide you with the service of return and exchange of the products delivered to the South Korean customers in overseas warehouses in South Korea and China. We will provide you with transshipment service when your goods arrive at our transshipment warehouse in South Korea.