South Korea Freight Service
South Korea import and export air & sea transport
South Korea Import Shipping
South Korea import/export air transport, South Korea's main three airports: Incheon International Airport, Seoul International Airport, Busan International Airport.
Korea import/export shipping, Korea's main ports: Incheon Port, Pyeongtaek Port, Busan Port.
During the perennial operation, our company has perennial agency stationed in the South Korea area, the goods we have accessed to include but not limited to electronic products, clothes, cosmetics, and other goods. Our company is able to help customers in South Korea with their customs clearance, pick up the goods and book space.
Our company, in many years of operation, has rich experience in the transport of large goods. And for years, we have close collaboration with Korean Airlines, Air China airlines and other airlines, we can help customers truly achieve the “to the door” worry-free transportation.
Air/sea Import Operation Process:
1. Deliver the consignee, consignor and shipping list to our company, and our company will calculate the whole freight rate of air import transportation, as well as customs clearance and delivery costs.
2. The consignee and consignor shall review the transportation costs and sign the transportation contract.
3. Our company will arrange booking and customs clearance
4. Arrange the whole process of foreign cargo acceptance, customs clearance, security check, boarding and transportation, as well as airport ground operation.
5. Receiving goods at foreign airports, arranging customs clearance, customs declaration, and inspection declaration, etc.
6. pay taxes, release. Delivery of goods.
7. Transportation completed.